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Wise Punch Games
Sometimes wisdom just hits you!

Wise Punch is a studio that makes unique games. We’re currently creating a learn-a -language action game with a 1960’s super computer called Giant Baby Zombies. Soon to be released on Steam. It’s useful if you’re tired of boring lingo apps and want an exciting game to learn how to speak another language like Japanese, Chinese, Irish, Spanish, Filipino, or English.

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Giant Baby Zombies on STEAM

Giant Baby Zombies has been approved by Steam, the 1 games platform for PC and Apple Mac.

Quick-start your language learning through game immersion. In Giant Baby Zombies a batch of contaminated vaccines shipped to major cities around the world has led to an outbreak of Giant Baby Zombies. But not all is lost, their humanity can be restored and the babies reunited with their parents.

Your job as a highly trained military programmer is to transform the giant zombies back to babies. You can achieve this before they destroy the city by wisely using a 1960’s supercomputer to launch audio-rockets. These state-of-the-art rockets contain a de-zombifying chemical, and most importantly 8-track cassette tapes of a local language recognized by the babies. Your biggest challenge is operating a supercomputer in a language you do not know how to speak… yet. What will you choose to learn? Japanese, Chinese, Irish, Spanish, English, or Filipino?

We are working hard to have it available early 2018 on Steam.