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In Development


You’ve tried boring lingo apps, now try a game that works. Quick-start your language learning through game immersion. A batch of contaminated vaccines shipped to major cities around the world has led to an outbreak of Giant Baby Zombies. But not all is lost, their humanity can be restored and the babies reunited with their parents. Your biggest challenge is operating a 1960’s supercomputer in a language you do not know how to speak… yet. What will you choose to learn? Japanese, Chinese, Irish, Spanish, English, or Filipino?

Learn Japanese, learn Chinese, learn Irish, learn Spanish, learn Filipino, or learn English.

Price: $14.99
Release: Early 2018
Platform: PC and Apple Mac

Experimental Prototypes (unpolished)


This little prototype was made in a few day for the Butterscotch Shenanigans 2017 game jam. DeathSmilers is like a 2D action packed Mad Max racer. Refuel your car by crashing through train-karts to escape the Casino Clown Club in a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. You can also create your own level, you’re own train to smash in and out of.

Price: Free
Released: June 2017
Platform: PC